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6 Maintenance Tips For Concrete Pools

Having a concrete pool in your house makes it convenient to jump in whenever it is blazing outside. However, in order to have the best time in the pool, you need the pool to be clean by performing basic maintenance at least once a week and scheduled maintenance by a pool contractor annually. Therefore, take a look at some concrete pool maintenance tips to keep it looking as good as new.

Check The Filter And Filter Pressure

The filter is designed to clear dirt and debris from the swimming pool to ensure that the water is clean. If for some reason, the filter pressure is not up to the mark or is clogged, it will not be able to filter the water inside. To check out the issue, you should first inspect the pressure gauge, which is usually located on top of the filter. Refer to the user’s manual to determine the required pressure.

If that is not the case, then the filter might be clogged. Use a pressure washer to clean the filter and see if that solves the problem.

Maintain A Correct Balance Of Chemicals

The water inside your pool needs to be of perfect pH level to ensure that chlorine is doing its job of killing the contaminants in water such as bacteria, germs, and algae. Additionally, keeping the correct balance is necessary to ensure that it does not hurt the eyes or skin. An imbalance of chemicals can lead to corrosion of the handrails, ladders, or pump.

Always Hire Professionals

Although maintaining a concrete pool is easy, that does not mean you hire amateurs for the job. Even though you can do it yourself, if you have hired a maintenance contractor, they should know their way around filters and other basic components.

Not knowing how to clean the filters might damage them and can further cause problems. On the other hand, cleaning a swimming pool requires using the right chemicals and tools. Not every chemical is designed to clean dirt and grime etc. Depending on the type of swimming pool, a professional should only use products that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Keep Water Skimmed And Vacuumed

Although filtration systems are designed to keep the water clean, they will not pick up leaves and other debris. This is a manual task that you should develop a habit of doing every day. If you have trees surrounding the swimming pool, you will have leaves and tree branches every day that need to be skimmed off. If left ignored, the debris can sink to the bottom of the pool and contaminate it. Therefore, to counter this issue, you should use a vacuum at least once a week to keep the pool maintained.

Brush The Walls

Algae and other types of bacteria usually stick to the walls. It can be mostly found at the edges or on the pool floor. The best way to ensure that the walls are clean is to brush them regularly. Plus, you should opt for a hard-bristle brush that brushes away the algae or bacteria accumulated on the concrete’s porous surface. Once you are done brushing, the loosened bacteria will sink to the bottom and you can then use a pool vacuum to remove them.

If you choose to ignore these issues, you will need to use acid to wash the concrete that will burn off the outer layer and expose the layer underneath. This reduces the life of the concrete. Therefore, to avoid an acid wash, you must perform brushing at least twice a week.

Maintain Correct Water Level

During the summer season, the water level in your pool will drop. With that being said, you will need to add water to make up for the lost amount and also ensure the balancing of chemicals each time.

And if you are going away for a long period of time, you should empty the pool and cover it. This way, by the time you are back, you wouldn’t need to perform a full cleaning of the entire pool.

Final Word

Maintaining a concrete pool is not that difficult. You simply need to develop a cleaning schedule that will keep things in check. Make a checklist and perform routine inspections to ensure that the pool is free of contaminants whether you plan to swim or not, and hire pool builders Long Island for maintenance and repairs.

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