Everything about car window tinting

A large number of people want to go to a car window tinting shop to get window tints. However, they do not understand the basics of window tints. This is not a great thing because if you do not know the basics, chances are that you will end up choosing a wrong product.

There is no doubt that car window tints look amazing. If they are done correctly, they give your car a very unique look. And this is something that everybody aims for when they are getting window tints. After all, aesthetics is extremely important when it comes to car window tints.

However, aesthetics is just the bonus. You need to understand the complexities with car window tints. These include the laws, the method of tinting, and the benefits plus possible disadvantages. After knowing all this information, you will be able to decide whether car window tints are good for you or not.

Everything about window tints

In this article, we put together everything about car tints that you should know. So, without wasting any time, let us start.

What does the law say?

Well, the law related with car window tints is different everywhere. So, you cannot expect the same thing everywhere. Just be ready to learn a bit about the law. For instance, if your state only allows a 35% tint, chances are that another state would not allow you to drive it. This is because in the other state, the limit might be set to 70%. This means that you will have trouble travelling from state to state if you have dark car tints.

Typically, the car window tinting experts will tell you about the laws in your region. But you must also consider the laws of other states. Specifically, look at the states where you are most likely to travel often.

Tinting process

The process of window tints is quite simple. Typically, it involves installation of a polyester and acrylic blend film on your car’s glass window. These films come with various levels of darkness. This is often measured by the percentage of light which the film allows to pass through.

For instance, a 70% window tint will allow 70% of the light to pass through. Hence, it will not be that dark. In comparison, the 5% window tint will allow only 5% of light to pass through. This will be extremely dark and may not be allowed in most states. For these, you may require special permits.

Cleaning the tints

You should also learn about cleaning the window tints. Otherwise, your window tints will begin fading and eventually, they will not look good at all. Faded tints give off a very old and rugged look. Rather than improving the aesthetic value of the car, window tints when not cleaned, actually work the opposite.

So, make sure that you are cleaning the window tints regularly in order to preserve the look of your precious car. In this regard, you can get some guidance from your window tinting expert. Or you can also just drive to the window tints facility in order to get the tints cleaned.


This is all that you should know about car window tinting before going for it. Just remember that you should always get high-end films for tinting. Low-end options are cheaper, but they will start fading away in no time. So, it is really not worth it.

When you are ready, go to your nearest auto window tinting Springfield shop and order some glass films for your precious car. If you make a good choice, you will certainly not regret it.

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