How To Use Furniture In Wedding Decor?

If you’re planning a wedding and need some décor inspiration, then try decorating with furniture. It might sound weird, but it’s going to serve a multitude of purposes if you work with the right party and tent rentals for the wedding ceremony and reception decor. Here are some tips on how to use furniture as wedding decor.

What To Use Tables For?

There are many uses for a table or small tables for that fact. There are a lot of props that can be placed on them and they will look amazing in pictures. If you can get your hands on rustic and vintage tables, then the contrast will be a dream and it will have people turning their heads.

Wedding Guest Chairs

If you want to add a bit of something to the plain guest chairs then you can decorate them too and have them as accents in the venue. Usually, the wedding chairs on which the guests sit are pretty basic and simple, so if you’re looking to jazz things up, then use drapes and flowers to make an arrangement on the back of each chair.

This is going to look amazing in pictures and the guests will also appreciate their seats being decorated the best part is that it is not uncomfortable at all, to sit on these decorated chairs, so they are not just for décor, they are also purposeful.

An Antique Food Station

If you want to include furniture in your food table décor, then this idea is a blast. You will need a vintage chest or table for this and you can put the fruit drinks and glasses on it. You can also decorate it with flowers of your choice. This is going to tie the whole thing together and the table won’t look out of place.

There is just something about the contrast of modern and vintage in this idea, which works beautifully and it will also save you extra money from getting a separate table for your fruit drinks. You can use a table you have at home, for this idea as well and it will look great.

Wreath-Covered Bench For Pictures

This is a great place and background idea for pictures. If you have a long ottoman or a backless couch/bench, then you can have a flower wreath attached to the back of it and this will make a wonderful place to take pictures.

The bride and groom can take their pictures as well as the guests. The wreath can be made with the colors of your wedding accents and you can also include flowers in it, which go with the theme of your wedding. This is going to make everything look so good and people will remember this décor idea for years because it is that unique and beautiful.

Flower Tables

Flowers are a must at every wedding. They can be placed here and there, in random places and they will add a lot of appeal to the entire place. But there is a way to incorporate furniture in this as well. You can get small tables, which are usually the size of a nightstand or an ottoman, and place flowers on top of them.

This is going to look very whimsical and the hardwood of the table, combined with the sweet beauty of the flowers will make the whole thing look like a garden-themed decoration. You can also decorate the legs and the base of the table with fabric and drapes, to make it look even more beautiful.

A Center Table For The Cake

The wedding cake needs a place as well and what better way to have your cake be the center of attention, than to have it placed on a nice, Victorian-style table. There is something so magical about the designs of furniture during the Victorian times and it adds that touch of royalty as well. The table has a very luxurious design and the intricate work on the hardwood is just breathtaking.

Having your minimal wedding cake placed on this table will be a sight to see and it will look like something out of a 1900’s storybook. You can’t go wrong with vintage furniture for wedding décor; they will always look majestic.

 A Wedding Gift Table

If the guests are bringing you gifts on your special day, then why not have them set on a table? It can be very hard to deal with gifts that are scattered around on the day of your wedding, so it’s best to be organized in a fashionable way. You can have a large table set up right by the place where guests will take their seats.

You can also put a sign on it which thanks the guests for being thoughtful. This table can be a perfect station where guests can put the gifts, they got for the newlywed couple. It will look beautiful and it’s multifunctional as well. What’s not to love about it? Check with your wedding tent rental Rockland NY for different table styles.

Welcome Table

Usually, there are wedding banners that welcome the guests arriving at the venue or the reception. Well, you can take things up a notch, by having a table set up and mounting the banner or a message on top of it, which welcomes the guests warmly. You can also have pictures of you with the guests on this table as a nice trip to memory lane.

This is going to be a lot more generous than a tacky banner and it also looks very modern, chic, and something which has a lot of thought in it. It will also stand out in pictures.

Sitting Area For The Bride And Groom

If you want to have a more comfortable place for the bride and groom to sit after a long night of dancing and walking around, then have a nice set of furniture decorated somewhere in the center of the venue, where the couple can sit and relax. The furniture color needs to be the same as the theme of the wedding, otherwise, it may look out of place.

Having proper wedding furniture placed for the bride and groom is a lot better than having chairs for them to sit on. It’s going to be more comfy.

Chandeliers For A Luxurious Feel

Last but not least, you can’t forget about the ceiling. Sometimes, the ceiling can look a little bare and one way to bring it back to life is to have a chandelier installed on it. But this is where things get interesting. You don’t need to mount a traditional chandelier on the ceiling.

If you want to take a modern approach to things, then try to get a huge light chandelier and decorate it with wreaths and greenery. This is going to look much more fitting for a wedding, as compared to those plain old, large crystal chandeliers.


You can decorate the things around the venue, even furniture, to make everything tie together and come to a full circle, as far as decorations are concerned. Well, no time for lounging around! Put on your creativity hats, get the services of wedding party rentals Rockland NY, and decorate to your heart’s desire.

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