Everything You Should Know About Limestone Countertops

Natural stones are commonly used as kitchen countertop material because their appearance is amazing and they are durable. If you’re considering limestone for your countertop replacement, here is everything you need to know about limestone countertops.

Limestone Countertops

Limestone is a natural stone, found on the surface of the Earth. The main composition of limestone is calcium carbonate. This is what gives the stone its characteristic color, as well as other properties. The appearance of limestone can be either granular or crystalline, depending on the composition of the limestone.

It is mined from the ground in the form of huge slabs or rocks and then said slabs are sent to manufacturers, where tiles and countertops are made and then retailed for purchase.

Things To Know About Limestone Countertops

Here are some things you need to know about limestone countertops and whether it’s perfect for your kitchen or not.

Susceptible To Acid Damage

If you’ve ever paid attention in science class, then you would know that calcium carbonate reacts violently with acids of any kind. The same phenomenon applies for limestone countertops.

There are acidic components in many fruits, foods and even cleaning supplies, which can damage the surface of limestone countertops and lead to formation of deep holes, which are very unpleasant to look at and it entirely ruins the look of the beautiful countertop.

Limestone Is A Porous Material

This fact might not come as a surprise. Almost all natural stones are porous in nature. It means that there are tiny holes present all over the surface of the stone, which act as a sponge and draw in any liquid or moisture sitting on the rock for too long.

Since limestone is a sedimentary rock, it has a higher porosity and if you want to use it for your kitchen, as countertops, then sealing is a must. Sealants are usually fillers which are made of epoxy and resin and they fill in the pores of the rock, preventing water and other liquids from penetrating deep in the rock.

It Is Not Resistant To Heat

Limestone is not a good resistor of heat. A lot of natural stones have great resistance to heat, but limestone is not one of them. Limestone needs to be dealt with carefully, especially if hot pots and pans are involved.

You can’t just put a hot pan directly on the surface of the limestone countertop, otherwise it will lead to heat stains which are hideous looking black marks, and they can’t be removed easily. In order to protect limestone countertops from heat stains, it’s better to use trivets and place the hot pans and pots on them.

Limestone Is Durable

Aside from limestone being a maintenance-heavy material, it is actually quite long lasting. It is a great material if you’re looking for something which is just as strong as granite countertops NC, but won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

Limestone is one of the more reasonably priced materials and the best part is that it can last you a long time, if you take care of it properly. If you don’t mind the regular maintenance and sealing, then limestone will last you a reasonable amount of time and it will also be more economical in the long run.

It Requires Daily Cleaning

This is something which goes for almost all types of countertops. No matter what countertops you have in your kitchen, they will fail to look beautiful if you don’t clean them regularly. Countertops are your work station and you need to clean the surfaces as soon as you’re done with cooking.

This is going to make sure that your countertops look spotless at all times and you will need to put too much effort and time into cleaning it properly, if you’re doing it every day. Limestone can be cleaned with a natural neutral pH cleaner and a soft washcloth.

Limestone Scratches Easily

Limestone is quite soft in nature. It is a delicate stone and it can scratch easily, especially if you are someone who uses knives and sharp objects directly on the surface of the countertop. One thing you can do to prevent scratches from being embedded into the surface of limestone countertops, is to invest in a cutting board.

A cutting board will save your life and make your countertops look beautiful and flawless for years to come. It’s better not to use knives on limestone, because once scratches are prominent on the countertop, you will need someone professional to have it filled or removed completely and that can be a huge maintenance cost, in itself.

Stains Are A Nightmare

Limestone is a light-colored stone and it is usually available in neutral colors. This is why it needs to be clean and free of stains at all times. If your countertops are sealed, then stains are not an issue, but if they’re not, then you need to make it a priority to immediately clean away any spilled food or liquid on the surface, otherwise it can lead to pesky stains which not only look ugly, but they are almost impossible to remove.

It Has A Luxurious Feel

Limestone is a great alternative to marble. Marble is also a natural stone, but it is quite expensive and it doesn’t have the same durability properties as other natural stones. Hence, limestone is a perfect countertop material, if you’re looking for something which is going to look luxurious and regal, but is reasonable in price at the same time.

The colors of and mosaic patterns are what makes this stone a hit among customers all over the world. You can’t go wrong with installing limestone countertops in your kitchen, because they will not only look beautiful and ethereal, but they will also last longer.

It’s A Versatile Material

Most natural stones are not fit for use around the house, like in the bathroom. However, limestone is an extremely versatile material and it can be used in bathrooms as well as other fixtures. Limestone is perfect for use in the bathroom, as long as you seal it, which makes it waterproof and doesn’t allow any sort of water damage.

It is one of the few natural stones which can completely transform the look of any room where it’s installed. The light color and slick feel of limestone makes it perfect for bathroom countertops, shower fixtures and even the bathtub.

Beautiful Color Range

Limestone is generally available in a ton of neutral colors. Neutral colors are great, because they are classic and they tend to go with almost all types of interior and décor. These colors also don’t go out of style and are always trendy. Some of the common and popular colors in limestone countertops are ivory, off-white, beige, light yellows, grays and even light brown.

These colors are minimal in appearance, but they complement other décor and colors beautifully, so there’s no need to fuss about matching colors with kitchen cabinets and other things.


There you have it! Limestone is a great choice of material for kitchen countertops if you’re looking for something durable, classic and beautiful. Limestone will not disappoint you. Get in touch with a granite company Raleigh NC to check limestone and other natural stone countertop materials.

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