Guide To Buying Interior Shutters

When you are looking to buy interior shutters, there are plenty of factors that you need to consider. Some of these factors include:

Shutter materials

The shutter units are made from a wide range of materials that vary from wood to metal. It’s up to you to choose the right material for your application. The best materials to go for are wooden shutters. In addition to the units looking good, they also last for a long time. There are two main types of wood shutters that you can buy: real or faux wood shutters.

From their name, real shutters are made from real wood. They are of high quality and last for a long time. While they are beautiful to look at, their main flaw is that water easily damages them. Due to this, you can install them in the wet areas of the house such as the kitchen and bathroom.

You can also purchase the faux wood shutters that resemble real wood on first look, but they aren’t real wood. They are made from a blend of wood and plastic. Due to these features, you can install them in the bathroom, kitchen, and other wet areas of the house without worrying about them getting damaged by the water. The shutters are cheap (cost half the price of real wood), but they aren’t as beautiful as real wood.

Maintenance of the shutters

This is another factor you need to consider when making the purchase. Real wood shutters require a lot of care as you have to apply paint on them regularly. You also need to prevent them from getting into contact with a lot of water. Faux wood shutters, on the other hand, are easy to maintain. The units don’t need regular painting. You also don’t need to protect them from the water.


This is a minor factor to consider, but if you are looking for high-quality units, it’s important to buy shutters with a guarantee. Shutters with a warranty are usually of high quality, and this is the reason why the screen manufacturers are confident in the product. You should note that the longer the warranty is, the higher the quality of the screens.

These are some of the factors you need to consider when buying indoor shutters. In addition to the above mentioned factors, you also need to consider the age of the shutters. The older the units are, the more they are likely to come apart thus you should avoid them. You should also consider the style of the units. As rule of thumb, you should go for plantation shutters that match your house theme.

Why you should install shutters in your home

There are plenty of benefits that come with installing shutters in your house. Some of the benefits include:

Ease of light control: One of the prime reasons why people install the units in their homes is to monitor the amount of light that gets in. Window shutters are easy to use, and you can easily adjust the amount of light that gets in. To do so, all you need to do is tilt the louvers. To allow in as much light as possible you should open the shutters entirely.

Great alternative: The screens serve as great alternatives to the traditional glass Vinyl and nets that are often untidy and don’t last for a long time. The units are designed to last for a long time and are easy to maintain. To retain their shine all you need to do is dust them.

Improved appeal: In addition to the functionality of the units, you can also install the shutters to improve the look of the house. All you need to do is find those that complement your house. For an elegant, high-end look, go with wooden shutters.

Types of Shutters

The cool thing with the shutters is that they come in different designs and styles. It’s up to you to choose the ones you want. Some of the shutters you have to choose from include:

Full height: From their name, these are units that cover the entire window. They are available for all types of windows thus you can’t miss finding one that is ideal for your application. The full length of the units allows maximum insulation, privacy, and light blocking.

Café style: These cover the bottom section of the windows leaving the top part uncovered. The style is ideal for privacy especially when you have windows overlooking an open street.

Tracked: These units are fitted with a rail at the top and bottom that allows them to be easily folded away in a concertina way. These indoor shutters are ideal for large windows and bi-fold doors.


This is what you need to know about interior shutters. To have a great experience with the units buy high-end units. Also, ensure that a reputable company installs the units you buy.

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