Planning a Budget for Your Travel? Here’s How to Do It!

The expenses for travel may differ greatly depending on how you prefer to travel, so it is crucial to make your own travel budget in advance.

If you don’t know where to start, you can check the following:

Accommodation Budget

When it comes to your travel budget, lodging is a big part of where you want to stay. Decide what kind of accommodation you want, whether it is guesthouses, hostels or hotels or apartments. Make sure to read the reviews and know the prices of the area you’re planning to visit. See to it that you know how many nights you’ll spend there. Take note, the point is not choosing the exact place you’ll stay, but to have an idea of how much lodging costs in places you are going to.

Major Transportation Budget

You must have an estimate of your airfare or gas if you will drive your car to reach your destination. If you are planning to take public transportation, research about the different forms of transportation available in your preferred destination.

Food Budget

Usually, food is the most difficult place to estimate. However, the key to this is to know where you are going. If you are planning to travel in New Zealand, western Europe, or Australia, eating out will cost you the same it does in Canada or the US and maybe a bit more. If you will travel to Asia or South America, except that the rates for food are much cheaper. Since it is difficult to get the exact numbers for food, you have to take advantage of your best judgment.

If you want to save from your food budget, you should find guesthouses or hotels that offer free breakfast. You can also choose apartment rentals where there are kitchen facilities. Even if you purchase groceries for breakfast, you can still save some money.

Budget for Activities

Are you planning to take some tours while you are on your vacation trip? If yes, you should check if there are entrance fees to places you want to visit such as parks, museums, ruins, and some popular attractions. You should add up all of your preferred activities’ costs to your travel budget. It is important also to know what is included in every activity or tour you choose. There are times that tour packages only include particular things and you have to pay the other fees, which can be expensive sometimes.

Shopping Budget

If you are planning to visit different stores or shops in your chosen destination, you must also set your budget for shopping. An estimate of things you want to buy can help you set your budget. But, it’s wise to have a list of the things you want to purchase before you shop around.

The Bottom Line

No matter what your budget is for your travel, it is always a good idea to keep track of what you are spending. It will help you know your budget and estimate how much you saved or spent. Then, you may use your tactics from your current trip to your future travel budget.

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