How To Fix Hair Breakage After Keratin Treatment

If you are one of those women who have spent money on keratin treatments salons and now suffer from damaged hair, then you are not alone because there are countless who have put their time, money, and expectations into such treatments which unluckily went wrong. Instead of things getting better, they got worse.

  • Your keratin treatment promised frizz-free hair, you still see little electrified hair standing up.
  • Instead of being moisturized, your hair has become limp and lifeless.
  • Your split ends are beyond your control.

You have seen the possible reasons for your keratin treatment failure, which has made your hair broken, dry, and damaged.  If you are looking for a way to fix this hot mess, you are at the right place. Many times, people just forget to remember all the recommendations made by the stylist.

The good news here is that broken hair is not a life sentence. With the right treatments, you can transform your straw-like hair into a brilliant mane. If you want to fix the health of your hair that was formerly ruined by keratin treatment, keep reading as we will tell you how to get it done.

Your hair has lost a lot of moisture during the keratin treatment that has made them damaged.  Your hair cuticles chafe and break because the aftercare is not followed properly as well. And hair ends are not that healthy to fight back. It is much easier to fix hair roots than hair tips.

Again if your hair cuticles are compromised, this will make your hair uneven, unhealthy, and cause breakage. For broken hair, you need to look for moisturizing shampoo, conditioners, and hair masks. For your dehydrated ends and cuticles, you should look for products that will link your hair fiber that produces frizz and dryness.

Use Sulfate, Paraben, And Silicone-Free Shampoos

They will not dry your hair but help your hair recover from the damage. Such shampoos will also improve the elasticity of your hair, and allow them to air dry.

Use Hair Masks Often

They contain essential extracts which will penetrate deep inside your cuticles and repair each strand. The outer hair is covered in a thick blanket of moisture.


To optimize the effect of your hair mask, you cannot afford to leave out the conditioner. A good quality conditioner will nourish your hair and bring it back to life. Don’t rush to wash it, as leaving it in hair for a good ten to fifteen minutes will yield better results.

Frequent Hair Trimming

If you are trying to fix them, you better start by chopping them off more frequently. If you follow this ritual and trim a mere 2 cms at a time, you will notice regained strength and vitality in your hair.  This will also stimulate the growth of new hair.

In just a couple of weeks, you will notice that your dry and damaged hair has started regaining its lost glory.  Following the process religiously will make your hair softer, and more moisturized without looking flattened or greasy.

Don’t Forget Oil Treatments

Oil treatments have a miraculous way of saving chemically damaged hair. You too can benefit from nature’s healing potions. You can choose from a wide array of organic oils from coconut to argan oil. No matter which oil you use, you will notice a drastic transformation in your broken hair and will be hooked to them.

Apart from these shower rituals, there are a few handy tips that can help minimize hair damage.

  • Choose silk over cotton for your pillows. Not only will silk make you feel like a royal, but it does wonders for hair too. Silk produces less friction as compared to cotton, so it’s better for damaged and broken hair.
  • Avoid styling your hair with heat irons and curlers as much as possible. your hair is already under incubation due to the keratin treatment, and heat will only aggravate the damage.
  • Use a shower filter especially if you have hard water flowing in your taps. The magnesium and calcium from hard water are silent killers for normal hair, and yours are already under heavy damage.
Choose Experts

Moreover, try to get keratin treatment by a hair stylist who is reliable and offers aftercare procedures. hypno

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