What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions For Men?

Women can use hair extensions, but so can men. Men also need that boost of confidence in the form of thick and luscious hair, so extensions are a great way to achieve just that. You can get many types of hair extensions in salon. Here are the most common ones.

Hair Extensions & Men

Hair extensions are unisex. They’re just as important for women as they are for men. Everyone is a bit unhappy with how their hair looks. Sometimes, it’s flat and uncooperative, sometimes the volume isn’t enough and you need something extra to give your hair that push to look amazing.

Well, hair extensions are here to save the day. Men will be happy to know that hair extensions work for them too.

Types Of Extensions For Men

Here are some different types of hair extensions for men.

Topper Extensions

These extensions aren’t wefts, per se. They are a bit different from traditional extensions in the sense that they are only meant for the top of the head. Think of them as a hair cap for your head or a partial toupee. It has sticky edges on the base that can be secured on the head and it’s perfect for men who suffer from baldness on top of the head.

It’s also available in a lot of colors and it’s one of the easiest ways to sport extensions, for when you’re in a pickle and want to fix your poor hair quickly.


Wigs are also extensions for men because they’re very easy to use and they can be removed as well. Not to be confused with toupees, wigs are going to cover the entire head, and they’re great for special events when you want your hair to look fantastic and picture-perfect.

Some people might argue that wigs look anything but natural, but they have come a long way and now some wigs look very subtle and understated. You can sport them on an everyday basis and your hair will look natural and effortless. They are a perfect means of non-surgical hair replacement for men Potomac.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

These extensions are just what they sound like. Like women’s clip-in extensions, there are also extensions of the same kind for men. They are small wefts that can be secured on the head with clips or barrettes.

They’re the easiest to apply and they can also be taken off and reapplied again and again. The longevity of these extensions is good, but not amazing, so you might need to replace them after a couple of uses. But, considering their price and the job they do, they’re pretty good for everyday and special use.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in extensions are also quite easy to apply, but you’re going to have to go to a salon to get your hair done because the application is just a tad bit better and if you’re someone who hasn’t worked with extensions before, then it will be almost impossible for you to do it by yourself. So, save yourself the armache and get tape-in extensions from a salon.

They’re usually fused by heat, so they will stay put for longer and unless you loosen the bond, these bad boys aren’t going anywhere. They’re also available in a huge variety of colors and lengths, so they’ve got you covered.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent extensions are also known as nano-ring or micro-ring hair extensions. These extensions are also pretty common among women and now they’re made for men too. These extensions are pretty interesting because they use small rings to be secured on the hair root and they’re pretty much invisible.

Since rings are used to apply these extensions, they’re also very much permanent. Unless they’re ripped from the hair, these extensions aren’t going anywhere. These extensions, because they’re so discreet, can also give men the freedom to style their mane however they want, so that’s a huge plus too.


Weaves are men’s version of sew-in hair extensions, however, this type can be a bit tricky, because most men have very short hair and these extensions are applied through weaving, stitching, or gluing. These extensions aren’t as discreet either, so there might be a high possibility that they peek through the hair, which is a big no-no.

Since men have very short hair, the strands can’t be braided and without a braid, weaves can’t be secured on the head. If you have Harry Styles-esque hair, then weave hair extensions might work for you, otherwise, it’s not the greatest option.

Lace Frontal Extensions

These extensions are the most natural after permanent extensions because they are catered to your hair and skin. Lace frontal extensions were first introduced in the entertainment industry.

They’re pieces of mesh with hair attached to them. They’re glued on the head where you want to get the most volume or if you want to cover a bald spot and the mesh, originally white, is covered with face makeup. This conceals the mesh and the hair looks like a part of your skin. It’s a great option especially if you have a frontal bald spot that you’re insecure about. The best part is that it can be reapplied over and over unless the mesh gets damaged. That’s when you’ll need a new one.

How To Apply Hair Extensions For Men?

Now that you know the different types of hair extensions, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply them on men’s scalp.

  1. The hair needs to be washed and dried first. There shouldn’t be any product build-up on the scalp otherwise the extensions will slip and slide and the application won’t be as great.
  2. Once the hair is ready, the type of extension is chosen. Since most men have pretty short hair to work with, there’s no need to make sections. However, for the men with longer manes, sections are a must.
  3. After the sections are made, the weft is applied to the hair and it’s fused in place, depending on the type of extension you’ve chosen. So, it will be heat fusion for tape-in extensions, glue for frontal extensions, clips for clip-in extensions, and so on.
  4. If you’re going for weaves, then the sections will need to be braided first. This will create a base for the extensions to be sewn on. Usually, a section of hair is taken and then a very thin section is separated and braided into a thin and coiled braid. It needs to be thin so that it’s virtually unnoticeable.
  5. Once the application is done, the process is repeated until all of the extensions have been applied. This might take anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the type of extensions you’re going for, the fusion technique, and the number of extensions that need to be applied.
  6. Lastly, the hair is brushed out with a loop brush and it’s also styled accordingly and that’s about it.


Hair extensions are not only favored by women but men too. Now you know the various kinds of hair extensions for men, you can be sure that they turn thin and sparse hair into a thick and voluminous head in no time. Make to visit a hair extensions salon Potomac that specializes in extensions and wigs for men.

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