How Do You Keep People Warm At A Party?

Winter parties are super fun, but with them comes a huge hassle and that’s the fact of keeping people from freezing in these dangerously low temperatures. You need to plan well with the assistance of party tent rentals, especially if it’s an outdoor party. Here are some tips that you can try to keep your guests cozy.

Keep The Windows Closed

This is the only time where it’s okay if there isn’t any ventilation in the house. Air being circulated through the windows can lead to a chill, so if you’re hosting an indoor party, then close up all of the windows. This is going to ensure that the room stays cozy and as soon as it fills up with people, the surrounding is going to be even more warm and inviting.

Opening windows during the winter isn’t a good idea anyway unless you want to get frozen by the chilly winter air. So, make it a breeze for the guests and keep the windows closed, because it’s going to add to the cozy environment and people will appreciate the fact that the house is nice and warm upon their arrival.

Gather Around A Bonfire

If you’re one of those adventurous hosts and want to host an outdoor party in the dead of winter, then you need to keep the comfort of guests in mind too. One of the easiest ways to bring warmth to the party is with a bonfire.

All you need for this is a fire pit and some chairs for the people to sit around. Light up the fire and have yourselves a time. It’s going to be warm, it’s going to be cozy and your guests won’t even feel the chill.

You can also take this time to make S’mores by the fire and all of the guests can enjoy a small and sweet snack while basking in the amber flames. It’s a wonderful treat, especially keeping the weather in mind.

Room Heaters Are The Way To Go

Aside from keeping the windows closed, you also want to add that extra element of warmth. You can bust out the heaters and have them running in your house. This is going to keep everything toasty and warm and the incoming guests will feel a wonderful burst of warmth as soon as they walk in the door.

Coupled with a warm drink and great company, your guests will have a jolly time at your party and there won’t even be a blip of chill. Be warned, though, because heaters are going to make your electricity bills skyrocket, but since it’s a party, you can bite the bullet. If you want, you can shut the heaters down at one point, and because the windows and doors are closed, the warm ambiance won’t be diffused and it will still be warm for hours.

Patio Heaters

This is another outdoor heating idea that is aesthetically pleasing and gets the job done. Patio heaters are kind of like mini furnaces and they can be fired up by lighting a match or you can burn wood in them too. The more modern one is the match one because it’s easier to function and it can go on for hours. It’s a tall furnace and people can sit around it. It’s very warm and keeps the chill at bay, no matter how windy the weather is outside.

You can get a couple of these heaters and set them where the guests will be seated. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You can have your party in the great wide outdoors and you can enjoy the cold weather without freezing your socks off.

Fire Up The Room

Let’s not take this in the literal sense. This tip implies that you should use the fireplace to your advantage. A fireplace is a much more cost-effective option than an electric heater because it’s not as expensive. It can also operate very efficiently in case there’s a huge crowd of people. It’s also the perfect way to get your hands warm if you’ve just walked in the door from outside. But for an eco-friendly party, use a natural gas fireplace.

Before you light up the fireplace though, make sure that your chimney is clean and maintained too, because the last thing you want is the room to get filled with thick smoke and a burning smell. If you have a fireplace and want to make your winter party extra warm and cozy, then everything will be a piece of cake.

Dress According To The Weather

Since it’s a winter party, it’s only appropriate that the guests wear attires that are going to keep them warm. Mini dresses and shorts are not the way to go. If you’re hosting a more elaborate party that requires a dress code, then it’s good to let the guests know to dress comfortably, because it will keep them warm.

Thick wool dresses, pants, jackets, and scarves will save the day and your guests won’t be shivering from the chill and breeze. So, dress appropriately for the winters, because that’s also going to help you stay warm and bundled up.

Drape It Up

If you are hosting a party outside and are worried about the guests catching a cold, then check with tent rentals Damascus MD to use drapes to keep the chill away. This is a great idea if you’re hosting a party on your patio or inside an open gazebo because there aren’t any walls and it can be really easy for the chill to creep its way inside.

So, use thick drapes and pull them over the entirety of the space so that the guests can be warm and comfortable and they can enjoy the outside view perfectly as well.

A Menu Fit For Winter Parties

Food and drinks are also ways to keep the guests warm and cozy. If you’re looking for some variety in your menu for the party, then you can serve a piping cup of hot chocolate to the guests as they arrive. This warm drink is going to give them a hug from the inside.

If hot chocolate is not your thing, then you can opt for warm cider or coffee, as an appetizing refreshment before the actual meal. As for the food, hearty stews, soups, and thick and creamy pasta dishes scream comfort and warmth, so make sure to add those things to your menu.

Make Everything Cozy

Who doesn’t love a cozy décor? If you’re hosting a winter get-together, then the décor matters a lot too. Try to go for a cozy theme that’s going to give the aura of warmth. Choose warm, dark, and rich colors and add that element of comfort with some blankets and throw pillows, which can also be used by the guests to bundle themselves up.

As for the table décor, you can go for candles, lanterns, and other small knick-knacks that are going to add coziness and warm vibes to the entire space.


No matter where the party is, whether it’s inside or outside, your guests will be comfortably toasty and warm with these ideas. Share these with your party rental Clarksburg to know if they are applicable for your party. Moreover, take some advice from them as well for keeping your venue warm for the guests.

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